Marla Burns, Mozaic Mindz


Marla J. Burns, MAT, LDT-C has worked in the field of education for over 10 years. Marla’s career began with a BA and Elementary certification from the University of Connecticut with a double concentration in counseling and early childhood education. This strong foundation in child development, learning styles, and social/emotional development has helped shape Marla’s philosophy of education. After working with infants through toddlers and working as a victim advocate in the Connecticut judicial system, she moved to New Jersey and earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Teacher of the Handicapped certification from Montclair State University. Marla’s passion for working in urban districts and with students with disabilities led her to Jersey City, New Jersey where she has worked for the past 10 years. While working as a resource replacement teacher and in-class support teacher for all grades, kindergarten through eighth, Marla pursued a post-master’s certification and became a Learning Disabilities Teacher – Consultant in 2005. Since then, Marla has been the head of the special education department for one of the top charter schools in the state, has helped design curriculum according to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, has consulted for schools across the state, and has become part of the Hudson County Social and Emotional Character Education Consortium. In 2008, Marla began teaching graduate courses in special education at Montclair State University. Today, Marla continues to dedicate herself to the field of special education and research in an effort to help meet the needs of all students and create lifelong learners.

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